Food Stalls and General Stores

From Central Plaza to Promenade Street that leads to Tobitakyu Station, you can enjoy Food Stalls and General Stores ran by student clubs and volunteer groups. Not only can you taste gourmet from both Japan and other countries, but also enjoy live Samba, orchestra, and rock music performances at the stalls!


②Fencing club

③Karuta club

④World’s beer club

⑤TUFS Wondervogel club

⑥Kyudo, the Japanese archery club

Choeur Soleil

Track and Field Club

Rubber-ball Baseball Club

⑩Social Innovation Club

Rugby Football Club

English Speaking Society


Korean Student Association

Volunteer of Rugby Football Club

⑯Shorinji-kempo club

⑰Polish major

Team Cuban rum senior


⑳Group of Okinawan people

㉑Brasillian music circle

㉒Hakugakai Japanese traditional insturuments



㉕Group of people who love America

㉖Central Eurasia Soceity

㉗Senior Member of the Orchestra Club

㉘Estudamos Portugues!

㉙the TUFS Omotesenke Tea Ceremony Club

㉚Urasenke Tea Ceremony Club