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World Cuisine

At the Central Plaza, you can enjoy cuisine from 30 countries and areas. 1st grade students in each major are serving you. Enjoy the worldwide gourmet at Gaigosai!


“GOGEKI” Theatre

2nd grade students are going to perform a play in their major languages. You can enjoy Gogeki Theatre at Prometheus hall of AGORA Global. Japanese subtitles are shown on the screen, so don’t worry that you don’t understand the foreign languages!

Food Stalls and General Stores

From Central Plaza to Promenade Street that leads to Tobitakyu Station, there are a lot of Food Stalls and General Stores. The food is served by student clubs and volunteer groups. Enjoy yourself with diverse food!

Exhibitions and Events

A number of exhibitions and events are held at Research and Lecture Building and as well as World Cuisine and Gogeki Theatre. Here, you can also feel the sense of traveling all around the world. These events are only held at TUFS! Feel free to enter each booth!

Outdoor Stage

At the Central Plaza Stage, enjoy a variety of performance everyday. Contents have a variety from ethnic dance groups, music bands to a cappella groups. Don’t miss it!