98th GAIGOSAI   Meet Us at the World Crossing




Hello! My name is Miwako Ishibashi, Chairperson of the 98th Gaigosai Committee. Thank you for visiting Gaigosai Web.  

For the first time in history, our annual Gaigosai will be held online. Though many of us were looking forward to the regularly scheduled festival, it was not feasible. I apologise for not being able to live up to such expectations. 

The catch phrase of Gaigosai this year is “Meet Us at the World Crossing.” Due the Covid-19 pandemic, we are to voluntarily refrain from moving around the country as well as traveling abroad, thus making it difficult to meet even your closest friends. But that’s why we’re creating a chance to interact with each other at this online Gaigosai.  Even though held digitally on your phones, we hope that Gaigosai achieves being the borderless “crossing” which connects you to somebody and the world. We are going to keep trying.  

Thank you for your continuous support. 

July 6th, 2020. 



Gaigosai is a festival held every November in Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS) for 5 days straight; With a long history dating back to 1901, this year’s 98th Gaigosai festival is “borderless”, allowing you to enjoy the sense of traveling around the world online and in just one festival.  With the help of Gaigosai Web, everyone can access this festival at anytime, anywhere – allowing you to virtually connect with us at the crossroads of the world. 

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Gaigosai has various events on the whole campus every year. Please enjoy!

World Cuisine

The freshmen introduce cuisines of the countries and territories about which they study. This year, the recipes are on the Gaigosai official guidebook. You can recreate the Gaigosai dishes with this recipes. 


“GOGEKI” Theatre

The sophomores perform plays in the language in which they major. They work on the entire process from choosing the subject to making subtitles in Japanese. 


Events hosted by the Gaigosai Committee

You can try on traditional clothing, enjoy face paintings, participate in events for examinees and so on! We also have a special lecture given by our alumni this year.  


Music and Performance Events

Clubs and bands give performances on the Gaigosai official YouTube channel. You can enjoy various performances such as folk dances, comedies and so on. 

Mascot Character “TUF-KUJIRA”