99th GAIGOSAI   Somewhere in the World Is Here




Hello everyone! My name is Honami Hara, Chairperson of the Organizing Committee on the 99th GAIGOSAI.

Thank you for visiting GAIGOSAI WEB.

This year, GAIGOSAI will be held in a hybrid way, that is, a mixture of on-campus and online projects.

This is the first hybrid GAIGOSAI in the long history of the festival and quite different from the ones we had the last two years. As we prepared for the festival, we faced a whole range of challenges, which we had to meet without any guides. By trial and error, however, we could overcome a myriad of difficulties.

The Organizing Committee has been working together to make preparations for the festival, which will continue the tradition of the previous year’s festival and while also making use of the lessons learned from last year’s online festival.

The GAIGOSAI will continue to evolve towards the 100th edition next year and beyond.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the people, who kindly helped us set the stage. We are also heartfully thankful for all the people who love our university festival. With their support, we can now launch GAIGOSAI, TUFS students’ beloved festival.

We hope you enjoy GAIGOSAI and feel as if you were in “somewhere in the world.”

We are looking forward to meeting you on campus and online!



GAIGOSAI is the university festival of Tokyo University of Foregin Studies, marking the 99th anniversary this year. The annual festival is held in November over five days and welcomes more than 30,000 visitors. Featured with a variety of multi-cultural projects, GAIGOSAI provides visitors with an opportunity to have a feeling that they are travelling around the world while staying in Tokyo.

This year’s GAIGOSAI will be held in a hybrid way. Along with the campus, the main venue of the festival is here, GAIGOSAI WEB. With ubiquitous internet access, we will take you wherever in the world you want to go!

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Gaigosai has various events on the whole campus every year. Please enjoy!

GAIGOSAI Markets and Workshops

The freshmen will hold workshops on their majors, while running shops that specialize in goods  from the countries and regions they study.


“GOGEKI” Theatre

The sophomores will perform plays in the language they major in. The performances were planned entirely by students, who began with choosing their play and worked all the way through the completion of Japanese subtitles. Part of GOGEKI will be available on YouTube after they have performed in front of an audience on campus.


Events Hosted by the GAIGOSAI Committee

The GAIGOSAI Committee will host a variety of events. Among the most popular events are try-ons of traditional clothing, face painting, and “rooting for applicants.” Please note that some events will be held online while others will be held on campus.


Music and Performance Events

Clubs and bands will give their performances on the GAIGOSAI official YouTube channel. You can enjoy various performances, including, among other things, folk dances and comedies. Some performances will be available on YouTube later.

Mascot Character “TUF-KUJIRA”