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Official character “TUF-KUJIRA”

Official character “TUF-KUJIRA”

This whale is an official character of Gaigosai. In 2012, TUF-KUJIRA was born with the concept of “a voyage without passports.” In 2016, TUF-KUJIRA placed 2nd at the 4th All Japan Gakuensai Mascot Grand-Prix! Official TUF-KUJIRA LINE stamps are also available!

Size Cannot be measured due to its extendable feature
Softness About the same softness as rice cakes covered with sweetened soybean flour (kinakomochi)
Habitat Around Tama (where TUFS is located)
Favorite food Onsen-manju (Japanese steamed bun stuffed with red bean paste) and Onsen-tamago (hot springs soft-boiled egg)
Hobby Visiting hot springs
Trauma Head got stuck in a goldfish bowl
Language TUF-language +α (learned many languages while living at TUFS campus)
Signature Phrase Tafu-tafu
Message from


The three lines on my back are whale blows, not hair

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